Our Pastor

Serving God By Serving Us

Pastor Ryan Wolfe and his family came to Redeemer in April, 2010. For Pastor Wolfe it's the most recent stage in a life that's been blessed and led by God. In his own words...

I was raised on a small dairy farm just outside the Western Wisconsin village of Colfax. While I was going to public grade school in Colfax I had no thoughts about ministry whatsoever. I enjoyed my 4-H projects and friends, I disliked farm chores, and I thought maybe I'd be a scientist or engineer someday. Then, when I was in 8th grade my parents decided that I would benefit from a Christian education at one of our synod's preparatory schools. In high school at Martin Lutheran Prep School in Prairie du Chien, WI and then Luther Preparatory School in Watertown, my faith deepened and interest in ministry began to grow. I enjoyed music and technology in high school, playing piano trumpet, singing in the traveling choir, and taking up handbells to meet a girl.

I followed my class to Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota. There, as I learned Greek and Hebrew and studied God's Word, I continued to be drawn to ministry. I refined my gifts in music as I continued to play in band, sing in the men's choir, and play in the handbell choir. I married that girl I met in high school bells after our junior year of college in beautiful ceremony at Jessie's hometown of Goodhue, Minnesota. We both graduated from MLC in 2001, Jessie with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and me with a bachelor's degree in pastoral studies.

I attended seminary at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin. After two years of on-campus study I was assigned for a year of vicarship (internship) at Tomah, Wisconsin. It was during that year that I finally decided I did indeed have the gifts and the desire to be a pastor and shepherd of God's people. Jessie and I were also blessed that year with the birth of our first child, Caleb.

Upon graduation from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 2005 with a Master of Divinity degree I was assigned to be the home missionary and family minister at St. Peter Lutheran Church in Schofield, Wisconsin. During my time there I worked extensively with families and youth, and with the building and opening of Key to Life Childcare and Community Center. I especially enjoyed mission trips and youth rallies with our youth group and working side by side with two other pastors and a great leadership group at this large congregation. I served at St. Peter for almost six years and was blessed professionally, spiritually, and personally in more ways than I can describe. Jessie and I were blessed with three more children: Chloe, Lydia, and Levi. When we moved to Mandan in 2011 they were 6, 4, 3, and 2 years old.

Jessie and I consider ourselves very blessed to be in this place that God has led us to. We enjoy spending time with our members and friends, and we both love to help others grow in their spiritual service. We both sing in the church choir and enjoy music and arts of all kinds at the various Bismarck-Mandan venues. When not working or playing with the kids, I enjoy tinkering with computers, watching the Packers, and getting back into hunting and fishing. When Jessie's not teaching at our new preschool, she keeps herself beyond busy with all kinds of sewing crafts, stamping, and other arts. We thank God for all the blessings we have in life, and pray that he gives us opportunities to lead others to his glorious promises.